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Heimundherz Real Estate – Features
Swiss Multiple Listing Service, Inc. designed the Heimundherz Real Estate section of www.heimundherz.com to give individuals some tools that can make the process of locating the right property easier. This was accomplished by implementing the following features:
  • Save listings. This feature allows the user to add listings (individual properties) to their profile. Once a listing has been added, it may be viewed with just a few mouse clicks! Click here to learn how to save listings.
  • Save searches. This feature allows the user to save search criteria to their profile. When the search is saved, it may be recalled at any time. The user may also choose to view "real time" results for any of their saved searches. Click here to learn how to save searches.
The features discussed above were designed to aid individuals in the search for property in Switzerland. If Heimundherz MLS, Inc. feels that they are being abused then one or more features may be discontinued without notice.